Post Laser Eye Surgery Tips for Fast Healing

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Post Laser Eye Surgery Tips for Fast Healing, fast heal

Post Laser Eye Surgery Tips for Fast Healing; COPYRIGHT: Dan Foy

Preparing for laser eye surgery is important; however, knowing what to do after the procedure takes place is equally vital. In order for you to heal quickly and properly, there are certain actions to take and certain ones to avoid.

Post Laser Eye Surgery Tips for Fast Healing

Be Cautious of Water

It should come as no surprise that once you’re out of surgery, your eyes will be very sensitive. Therefore, there are certain things you should steer clear of.

For starters, don’t shower or wash your hair after surgery; you should at least wait a day or two. If you shower or wash your hair, you stand a great chance of getting water in your face and eyes, causing irritation.

After a couple of days have passed and you attempt to shower, still be cautious of liquids like soap, shampoo and conditioner going into the eyes. These materials could only cause your recovery period to last even longer.

It’s also noted that you should avoid swimming pools, saunas, lakes, etc. for at least 14 days.

Post Laser Eye Surgery Tips for Fast Healing

Have Your Sunglasses Ready

After surgery, you will find your eyes to be overly sensitive. It’s important to have sunglasses easily ready to shield your face from different factors, including the sun and dirt.

Not only will you need sunglasses during the day, but you will also need a form of glasses at night, too. After surgery, you will be given a pair of goggles that will assist you with your recovery. It’s important to wear these goggles for the first seven nights, whilst you’re healing.

Though you shouldn’t resume exercising right away, once you do make the decision to start working out again, you need to consider covering or protecting your eyes with some type of glasses or goggles. This precaution with help keep dirt, sunlight, etc. out of your eyes.

Post Laser Eye Surgery Tips for Fast Healing

Post Laser Eye Surgery Tips for Fast Healing, fast heal

Post Laser Eye Surgery Tips for Fast Healing; COPYRIGHT: Dan Foy

Don’t Touch Your Eyes

Though it may be hard to accomplish, you can’t touch your eyes after surgery. This means you need to avoid rubbing your eyes, even if they itch. You should try to resist touching your eyes for at least a week, if not a little longer.

This may apply more to women, but it’s important to not wear eye make-up for at least a month after surgery. By applying the make-up, you could accidently touch your eye, creating a setback in recovery. Also, try to refrain from coloring you hair, as the dye could slip into your eye.

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Though healing may seem like a simple task, there are activities that could hold up your recovery. Therefore, follow the different tips available to afford further aggravation.

This is a guest post by George Watts, a freelance writer and health blogger on topics related to eye care.

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