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We all know that alcohol, coffee, sweet drinks are not healthy for our body, because they remove water from your organism, so here we will find out best summer drink recipes including recipes for healthy drinks and best fruit drinks. We surely know that drinking is very important for our bodies, skin, meaningful beauty and we start drinking drinks with artificial sweeteners, because they are tasty, so here you will find some healthy drink recipes you should try besides unhealthy ones.

Best Summer Drink Recipes – Best Fruit Drinks

Cherry kvass – one of the recipes for healthy drinks

You will need:

1. 5 liters of boiling water

2. 0,5 kg of cherries

3. 250 g of honey

4. 50 g of yeast

Leave fresh cherries for 48 hours, then crush them in a wooden bowl. After that pour boiling water and leave it for 24 hours. Now you can filter it and mix it with the honey, yeast and leave it for 10-12 hours. After all put this drink to the fridge or in a cold room.

Pear kvass -one of the best fruit drinks

You will need:

1. 5 liters of boiled spring water

2. 1,5 kg of pears

3. 25 g of honey

Wash pears, cut it to small pieces, pour to the water, then grab some honey and mix everything. After that cover the bowl and leave it for few days in a warm place. Now you can put it to your fridge and drink.

Recipes For Healthy Drinks Are Here

Raspberry kvass – try if you like best summer drink recipes

You will need:

1. 5 liters of cold water

2. 1,2 kg of raspberries

3. 125 g of honey

4. Handful of raisins

Wash raspberries, then smear them, pour cold water and boil it. After that leave it for 3 hours and filter it. Now you can add honey, raisins, mix everything and leave it in a warm place. When kvass foams, you will need to put it to the cold place (it can be a fridge).

Currant kvass – one of the best recipes for healthy drinks

You will need:

1. 0,5 liter of cold water

2. 1kg of red currants

3. 0,5 kg of honey

4. 50g of yeast

5. 20-30 raisins

6. 0,5 pack of vanilla sufar

Wash berries and pour them to the bowl full of water and boil it. After that filter this mixture, pour honey, yeast and leave it to ferment. Next day take off the foam, pour raisins and vanilla sugar, then close the pot and leave it in cold for 2-3 days.

Tea For Your Best Summer Drink Recipes – Recipes For Healthy Drinks – Best Fruit Drinks

Orange and mint tea (4-6 portions)

You will need:

1. 2 glasses of water

2. 2 packets of tea

3. 3 tablespoons of fresh mint leaves

4. 2 spoons of sugar

5. 4 glasses of orange juice

6. 2 spoons of lemon juice

Boil the water, then put 2 packets of the tea, mint leaves, 2 spoons of sugar and leave it for 10 minutes to cool. After that filter it, pour the tea to the pitcher and mix it with orange, lemon juice. Good appetite!

Tasty Tea Is One Of The Best Fruit Drinks

Cold mint tea with lemon

You will need:

1. 4 packets of tea

2. 8 mint leaves

3. 4 glasses of boiling water

4. 3/4 glass of lemon juice

5. 1/4 glass of orange juice

6. 1/4 glass of sugar

Boil the water, put in the packets of tea and mint leaves. Leave it for 10 – 15 minutes. Pour lemon, orange juice, the tea you’ve made and sugar to another pitcher. Don’t forget to throw some ice cubes. Enjoy the taste!

Recipes For Healthy Drinks Are Best Summer Drink Recipes

Enjoy your best summer drink recipes including recipes for healthy drinks and best fruit drinks!

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