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How to lose fat from the abdomen

We can wear our tight blouses and dresses without having to especially think, to appear in a bathing suit on the beach without compunction, to be proud of the good, our flat tummy ... With the diet that follows all of the above are feasible .

The abdomen is the part of our body forskolin fuel that most women would like to fix it. But the more many of us often blame our gut or premenstrual syndrome that our abdomen might look more bloated or swollen. Certainly these two factors play a role, but on the other the fact that we do not eat properly (consume many fats, sweets and often picky eaters), we do not drink enough water, we have a lot of stress, devour very quickly our food and not doing any exercise burden in turn condition.

We, therefore, daily to prepare and drink before a meal 1 cup infusion (after the water has boiled, remove from heat, add 1 teaspoon of the herb, leave for 5, strain and drink) from one of the following herbs: dandelion (not if we have problems with our bile), wormwood, verbena, nettle, hibiscus (the last two are not suitable if you have hypertension or problems with the kidneys), birch, senna (not if you suffer from syndrome irritable intestine) and thistle.

We sit in a comfortable chair and a circular motion, following the direction of clockwise, do massage in our tummy with some oil, eg almond oil. Thus facilitate digestion and avoid bloating.

Losing fat in the abdomen is a relatively difficult task anatomy of abdominal fat. As indeed we age and our hormone levels exhibit fluctuations, we become more prone to abdominal fat. Abdominal fat is not only ugly and inconvenient, but it is unhealthy as well as much fat you in the belly, the greater the chance to develop heart disease and diabetes.

The lineage is pure fat percentage point. If you have a lot of fat in your belly, it will cover your abs even if you do 1000 crunches a day will never manage to see them. So ultimately the question of the impressive abs is nothing more than the management of energy in your body. That should burn fat by eating fewer calories and doing hard exercise.

Protein and fiber, ideal combination for weight control

The significance of the protein and the combination of action with fiber in the regulation of body weight. The high protein diets often followed by athletes to boost muscle growth and improve body composition. It is also popular among non-athletes as an effective way to increase metabolism and enhancing fat loss.

Immediately noted that the increase in protein intake will cause weight loss, only when there is a negative energy balance, that if burn more calories than are recruited. Otherwise, the additional protein calories are stored as fat. Generally they consist of increasing protein intake but limiting carbohydrates or fats A diet high in protein will boost fat loss by increasing thermogenesis and saturation.

As thermogenesis refers expenditure of energy required for the digestion of nutrients. During digestion, protein increases energy expenditure more than fats and carbohydrates. So, increased protein intake increases thermogenesis so it reinforces the negative energy balance.

In fact, experts now believe that the protein is more effective in the regulation of body weight, when combined with other ingredients, such as dietary fiber, present in abundance in wholegrain foods (e.g., cereals). the high content of wholegrain foods in fiber reduces both the absorption of fat and the feeling of hunger, thereby reducing the amount of food consumed.

Additionally, increased content of wholegrain foods complex carbohydrates in combination with the fiber do not cause sudden changes in blood sugar levels and reduce the rate of lipogenesis, thanks to low to induce insulin secretion. Furthermore, the positive effect of wholegrain foods in reducing the body weight due and B vitamins they contain, which enhance the metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

At the same time, the combined consumption of foods rich in fiber and proteins (eg milk with whole grains) is very important in the breakfast, as many studies have shown that those who ate breakfast intermediate avoid snacking and eating fatty foods during during the rest day. Thus, control of hunger and satiety is achieved, as well as caloric restriction, the key points to effectively regulate body weight.

The secret to long lashes with idol lash reviews

Take a brush for mascara and spend your lashes every day, whenever you remember. Even outside you can get out using it as "mascara" without eye makeup natural because with Idol Lash Reviews will be the best lash growth product. It will not cause any irritation and your eyelashes will be highlighted immediately and in a few weeks will have improved significantly in length and volume!
Take the package from an old, finished mascara. Shoot around to the middle of the pack a little facial cleanser and some warm water. Then, close well and shook until the mixture is thoroughly shuffled. Pour the mixture and repeat several times until you see the fluid that comes from the mascara to be clean and not black or gray (the color of mascara).
Every night before sleep since faded well your lashes will spend the serum. Stretch out onto your lashes and let it do its job. Remember to shake the bottle / package well to mix the mixture.

Create your own most nourishing cleansing milk with yogurt and castor! Yogurt will cleanse thoroughly and moisturize your skin while castor oil will nourish thoroughly your lashes and strengthen them!
Saved money and Chemicals creating your own a fantastic natural mascara that will beautifully painted but will nourish your lashes!

Every detail is important if you want to have perfect and flawless appearance. And as we all know, the eyes are one of the most important elements of a successful makeup. So proper preparation, with appropriate products aimed at a dazzling and possible outcome. A number of tricks can help you enhance your eye makeup and achieve brilliantly filmed lashes. Before applying mascara, discover how you will ensure the perfect result. Some basic tips will help you learn how turning lashes correctly, with the most impressive results. So first of "all, it is important that you know how to hold the scissors correctly serums longer lashes. The right is indicated by the fact that you are able to use it comfortably without movement difficulties. The next step is the correct placement. So the film should axoumpa to the root of the eyelashes to cover the entire length of the lashes.

Making sure that all lashes are arranged in scissors as needed, should lift upright and start squeezing slightly after closure, ensuring a smooth and intense movement. The scissor curve should coincide with that of your eyelid. Then press the handles light for a few seconds. The pressure should be the same from the root hair to the tips. Try this technique and you will see dramatic results.

Can you grow your eyelashes with mascara, but this is something that will hold up to remove the makeup from your eyes! You know, however, that you can really grow up without much trouble and the various products?

Using Vaseline! Yet a mask idol lash eyelash conditioner for your lashes by Vaseline will nourish and help to increase their size. See what to do!

Once rinsed thoroughly and clean your face, but also of your eyes, rubbed Vaseline on your lashes from the roots to the ends without eyelash conditioner reviews the pull though. Drop to sleep, after layers of a towel on your pillow in the morning and rinsed very well your eyes!

What mascara choose?

Choose a lengthening mascara, which will stretch the lashes through the microfibers therein. These are fixed to the end of the lashes, giving the illusion of longer eyelashes. For a stronger effect, choose a dark color, brown or black.
How to apply your mascara?

Comb your lashes to avoid packet and give them the curve using an eyelash curler. Then apply a coat of mascara lengthening, specially designed for short eyelashes, taking care to stretch the product to the tip to accentuate its length. For a good open look, made up the brush up.

To avoid

The use of volumizing mascara is not recommended on short lashes. If he has the advantage of the gainer and make them thicker, it accentuates their fault and published very packed. The opposite of a stretched look and enhanced.

The trick in addition: put false eyelashes

For a short eyelashes supported, feel free to cheat with best eyelashes. Practical, they are easily installed and guarantee a glamorous look. Thick or sequins for an evening, they also buy in small format to give volume to your lashes with discretion.

look spectacular, sparkling eyes: become sublime in record time thanks to the mascara. Everything is possible: you may as well give the length and thickness of your eyelashes, obtain soft and natural lashes, or have lashes. If you favor the length and thickness of your eyelashes, it will be important not to load the eyelashes of the lower lid: one light coat of mascara, applied with the brush face, will be necessary.

Finally, if you want the lashes, apply mascara on the top lashes and on the underside. Warning: Do not wear makeup especially your lower lashes: it would accentuate dark circles. Work the look is an important step makeup: choose the right mascara, to use it in the right way, is therefore essential. Discover all our files to find mascara that suits you, with our tips for the next apply the effect you desire. Forward for a look of star!

Mascara idol lash is a revelation! I knew that this brand name before trying this and I am really delighted with the result! I who lashes purposes and without volume, I finally found the mascara giving a denser effect my eyelashes. It is easily applied without packet, which is not given to all mascaras. The pink side brings a natural and allows my eyelashes to be more visible, highlighted. I used the purple side for glamorous evenings or outings and I admit that I am blown away by the volume it brings to my eyelashes. As for me, I passed!

Very easy to apply, this mascara offers good resistance. Both brushes are used to select the desired style for our eyelashes. In summary, a very handy mascara and suitable for all occasions. To test!

Tips For Increasing Fat Loss By Healthy Ways

The following tips - "strategic" fat loss will help you improve your diet, how you exercise, and can speed up the loss pure fat, capturing every obstacle that progress may occur. Overcoming a plateau not mean that we work harder and smarter. In almost all cases, it means that we must become even more stringent. Take a look at the list and see what advice more suited to your current situation. You need to work smarter - look for your weakest point and crank it.

Caution: Do not make drastic changes in your diet or exercise program without the approval of your doctor, especially if you are over 40, if you had a sedentary life or health problems. Techniques such as, for example, high-intensity workout, can stressaroun cardiovascular system and strict dieting techniques like those used by bodybuilders in season, addressed only to people with good health without restrictions.

The main advantage of this trend is that ensure the intake of fruits and vegetables that numerous studies have linked with the advancement of our health, such as improving cardiovascular function, prevention of various cancers, blood sugar regulation, good bowel function, weight control and more. Especially nowadays where the consumption of fruit and vegetables is far from recommended (more than 5 servings of fruits and vegetables / day) realize that this "smart and creative" way recruitment is of particular importance.

1. Use more "provocative" exercises.

Choose compound exercises on weight-bearing exercise, such as skouot and projections with variations, pressure exercises: including whole body, bars, dumbbells or pulleys to stimulate the heart and respiratory activity to burn more calories and released more hormones that contribute to burning of fat and the development.

Use less isolating exercises and machines. Get your heart pumping and lungs working during weight training. If you are breathing heavy and your heart rate is turned up, release hormones that help burn fat and stimulate your metabolism.

2. Increase the density of training.

Many people have heard of tension, but few know about density, which simply means to perform more work in less time. To break a plateau, you can increase the 'density', reducing the rest interval between sets in your weight training. To speed fat loss, reduce to less than 60 seconds, 45 seconds and end at around 20 to 30 seconds between sets. Experiment with circuit training, which will run three, four or more exercises in a row without rest. Use more super set as two-headed immediately followed by triceps, quadriceps to hamstrings or chest to back. Make abs and legs among other exercises instead rest Take your pulse and breathing during strength training and continue!

Moreover, it has low cost, is relatively easy to learn, fun and anxiolytic, transported and stored comfortable, offers multiple procedures available and can be used in dozens of different ways, either as a basic fitness program or as part of the program already do, Fr. .g. instead of other cardiovascular exercise. Due to continuous jumps exercises with skipping rope submit the skeleton at elevated pressures with impact, causing that vibration throughout the body. However, although such vibrations are largely beneficial for perfectly healthy individuals, e.g. encourages an increase in bone mass, may have negative effects in people who lead a sedentary life and not exercised for a long time, or are overweight, or older, or skeletal problems, or joint pain, or discomfort in the middle, or often suffer sprains foot, or suffer from migraines, so in these cases the rope is not suitable as an instrument. This phase lasts until you lose all the extra pounds.
- Your diet is based on the following switching: one day consume purified protein (as in the first stage) and the next day protein and vegetables.
- You can also make 5 consecutive days protein and immediately after 5 days protein - vegetable, or even only one day of pure protein per week, but in this case the rate of loss of kilos will decrease. - The vegetables may be consumed in reasonable quantities, but always with protein and no additional oil. - At this stage you can eat daily 1 teaspoon of raw olive oil a day.

Did fattens us ... home?

Smart tips to avoid the pitfalls of the house, load us with overweight nolimitly. You think he can run fattens the luminaire kitchen or coffee table near the sofa? Did for overweight blame the music we hear?

You say again the culprit for the fact that we eat really be the expensive white dinnerware you bought recently? They look strange all this, but a set of scientific evidence indicates that certain objects have at home and many of our choices affect significantly our diet. Let us look, therefore small changes we can do to change the indicator of the scale, and the number of our clothes.

Since the more visible and accessible is a food more appealing as possible, experts advise to store fruits and vegetables and generally healthy foods in transparent containers, sausages, cheeses and fatty sauces opaque bowl to do not ligourefomaste. Besides, it has been found that eating up to 75% more food just because we see it.

It's happened to all of us: to have told us a healthy and light recipe for bechamel, to have written somewhere casual and eventually lose the piece of paper, with the result that the build ever. Yet, it could have been prevented that, if we had to record a piece of paper post-it and we stick to our refrigerator. And it is the only one that we could have made. Experts suggest to record and stick in the refrigerator weekly diet, the shopping list we need from the supermarket, fitness program or whatever will help us make healthy choices.

According to research, people who eat dishes with a diameter of 21-22 cm., And in a color contrasting to that of the food (eg rice to eat dark dishes) consume on average 22% less food than those who use other crockery. Moreover, it is good to bear in mind that the warm bright colors (orange, yellow, red) stimulate the need for food. Smaller amount we eat and when we use small spoons. A small study showed that those who eat ice cream with small spoons consume 14% less amount compared to those who use large spoons. However, this does not apply for the forks! It was found that with small forks eat the same amounts we consume and large, but in twice the time.

Fungus nail, causes, symptoms, treatment

Onychomycosis is not a simple cosmetic problem can treatment with zetaclear review. It can be affected by nolimitly one or more nails of the hands or feet and most often this happens in the legs. This infection (candida) creates thickening of the nail (due to accumulation of flimsy material beneath the nails), discoloration (nail changes color becomes yellow, brown, black) and onycholysis (detachment of the nail from healthy skin).

The better you look after for proper hygiene nail and the sooner one starts the treatment, do not try to cope alone, the faster he will get rid of this troublesome problem.

Lesions begin in many cases with the appearance of a small yellow or white area under the tip of the nail. Over time, the claw is made thicker, while in the process becomes more brittle and the color changes.

Tight shoes, the use of the pool when it is used by many people, nail injury, and problems related to the circulatory system are some of the most common causes of onychomycosis. The immunocompromised, such as patients with diabetes are more prone to onychomycosis. The collagen diseases, long term use of cortisone or antibiotics, atopy, contributing to their appearance as well as heat and humidity there.

Fungus species

The species of fungi isolated frequently are species of the genus Candida, and dermatophytes (important role played by contact with the soil and the animals in the second case).

Fungal Diagnosis

The correct diagnosis is made by:

• Evaluation of the clinical picture.

• The full track (contact with animals, earth, travel, profession, promiscuity).

• Laboratory tests.

We should thus be collecting appropriate sample, followed zetaclear reviews here direct fungi treatment microscopic examination using . The process is completed by culturing the specimen in suitable culture media, the selection of which is then carried by medical history.


Without effective treatment, which is done after mykitogramma for most fungi onychomycosis can be extended to more claws, as in the interdigital aspects. In some cases we also detachment of the nail from the ungual plate.

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